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easy crock pot chicken

Easy allergy free crock pot chicken

easy crock pot chickenWanting to try something new, I went looking for a crock pot recipe that was easy and different. I was very pleasantly surprised to find this recipe and that it met both criteria. Landon loves it too, which is a big plus!

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BBQ Sauce

This is the second recipe I tried, the first did not turn out very good. It uses a couple other recipes that I found as well and I have linked them in the ingredients section.  It is wheat, oats,cow’s milk (dairy), soy, peanuts, eggs, cantaloupe and corn free.

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Beef Bouillon Cubes

This recipe will take some forethought to use because it isn’t a quick process. It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to make including the prep time for the ingredients and cooking. If you don’t have a food processor, a blender might work if you can fit it in.

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