Berry Berry Kix

Cereal – Gluten, Dairy, Soy free

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we don’t have much in the way of foods for breakfast other than the scones and muffins, so I thought I would share some of the cereals that we have found to be “safe”.

Below you will find a list of cereals that we have found to be gluten, dairy, and soy free. Following the list I have also included a majority of the nutritional information for each of the cereals.

  • Rice Chex
  • Cinnamon Rice Chex
  • Kix
  • Honey Kix
  • Berry Berry Kix
  • Rice Krispies
  • Cocoa Pebbles
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Corn Flakes
  • Corn Chex

Nutritional Information:

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4 thoughts on “Cereal – Gluten, Dairy, Soy free

  1. I have called a few companies on the subject of tocopherols having soy in them. They tell me that the oil has been processed in a way to eliminate the protein so they do not have to list soy as an allergen. The protein is what causes an allergic reaction. I am gluten, soy, dairy intolerant and the tocopherols do not bother me. If there is a product you really want to eat, I’d call the company to double check.

  2. Hello,
    just wanted to make a quick comment. Kix cereals have tocopherols added to them and one of the sources for tocopherols is soy. So unless the manufacturer specifies the source, Kix is not safe for Soy allergic people.

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