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Oops, Internet Explorer Users

For those of you that use Internet Explorer to view our site first let me give my condolences (You should try Chrome or Firefox), then I have to offer apologies.  It seems that one of the scripts that we use on the site was blanking the page in Internet Explorer after the page had fully loaded. This issue has been corrected, so you may resume your regular browsing. Thank you.

Easter Candy

Candy for Easter?

Easter Candy

Which candies can I eat with <fill in the Blank> Allergy

Foods list by allergen

You may be thinking, “great another holiday that I have to avoid sweets because who knows what’s in them!?”

Well now you can know by your allergy. Improving on our Candy List we now have a filterable list that you can select your allergy or allergies and it will display only those that you can have (based on the manufacturer’s . This Foods list by allergen will show by manufacturer, the candies that are free of the chosen allergy. As always, please confirm on the package that you purchase to be 100% sure.

Are we missing a candy that you really want to see on the list? Help us out and post the manufacturer and the name of the candy with any relevant information @