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Dairy, Soy and Wheat Free Macaroni and Cheese

A while back Brad was in the mood for scalloped potatoes. Being allergic to both dairy and soy made all the cheese sauce substitute recipes I found impossible. I tried some using nutritional yeast, many say that it adds a cheesy taste to a “cheese” sauce. We never got that. The craving for scalloped potatoes also came around the same time as my discovery of Daiya Cheese Shreds. Though pretty expensive, I fell in love with them as a cheese substitute. We only use them every once in a while because of their expense. The “cheese” sauce I was able to create using the Daiya Shreds was very yummy and actually tasted like a comparable dairy filled counterpart.

My mom had the idea to use this sauce base for a macaroni and cheese – using gluten free noodles of course. The result was delicious! We added cubed ham as well. My next “project” is creating a bread crumb topping for this….

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Pesto Pasta

With Landon’s tomato allergy, we discovered Pesto Pizza as a twist to our Friday night “ritual” of pizza. However, all store bought pesto has dairy in it. So we make our own. We now also use the pesto to make Pesto Pasta, which is one of Landon’s favorites. It’s also pretty easy to make. We made some today as a quick lunch and it took all of about 10 minutes to make (we already had the pesto made in the fridge though).

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Beef Stroganoff 2.0

My first attempt at this Stroganoff recipe has shown me one thing, this one is going to take some playing with. For starters I didn’t have any celery salt, which might make the difference, but it was kinda bland. Other than being bland it really tasted just fine. I was expecting the¬†avocado¬†concoction to make it taste bad and ruin the whole deal, but you can’t even taste it!

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