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Pesto Pasta

With Landon’s tomato allergy, we discovered Pesto Pizza as a twist to our Friday night “ritual” of pizza. However, all store bought pesto has dairy in it. So we make our own. We now also use the pesto to make Pesto Pasta, which is one of Landon’s favorites. It’s also pretty easy to make. We made some today as a quick lunch and it took all of about 10 minutes to make (we already had the pesto made in the fridge though).

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No Tomato Chili

A favorite meal at our house is chili and corn bread. When Landon started breaking out in hives when we would eat chili, we knew there was something new to add to the “do not eat” list. After several tries (turkey chili on a previous post that wasn’t as great) we finally have “mastered” a tomato-less chili. Bake up some corn bread to go with it and enjoy!

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It’s Christmas Eve. The original plan was to have the Brightwell’s over for lunch/dinner and go to our church’s Christmas Eve service. However with the whole family on anti-biotics from sinus infections that plan had to be changed. Since it is Christmas Eve we wanted something special, however easy since none of us were really feeling up to a huge meal. That’s when visions of crepes came dancing in my head. But crepes with no egg, or wheat or milk for that matter…. I went searching the internet and came upon this recipe for a crepe. I was fresh out of potato starch, but corn starch and tapioca starch can pretty much be substituted for potato starch in most recipes. A few tweaks here and there and they were pretty yummy. We ate them too fast to take any pictures though, next time I’ll try to shoot some before we devour them.

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Turkey Sloppy Joes

I don’t know that I cared for this recipe very much. I am used to spicier sloppy joes and this made a very sweet rendition. I don’t think that I will make it this way again, but if I do I will ommitt a lot of the sugar, and add some spices. Don’t get me wrong though, it tasted good. It just did not taste like I wanted. A contributing factor was that I had to make my own ketchup¬†replacement (still no tomatoes). ¬†We spread this over our Homemade bread and had baked potatoes on the side.

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Fresh Salmon Burgers

So, tonight we had a craving for hamburgers… but without beef hmmmmm… As strange as it sounds salmon burgers are actually very good and even the picky eater (my son) ate it like candy. Made French fries to go with it and our homemade bread, pickles, Mayo, and mustard.

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