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Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread StuffingWhat’s thanksgiving (or Christmas) dinner without stuffing? Growing up we ate rice stuffing to eliminate the wheat in the bread crumbs. I say we, really it was “them” I never really cared for it. Looking for alternative stuffing recipes you’ll find a ton that are wheat free, but they all call for a loaf of some gluten free bread. Two things I have issue with those recipes; the store bought loafs are expensive (and don’t taste all that good), and the home made ones take way to long to make (and are too delicious) to use for a stuffing.

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Allergy Free Cornbread

We love chili. Though we have chili a little different than most because we can’t do tomatoes, we still love chili. What’s chili without cornbread though?!? This was taken and adapted from one of my favorite blogs to be free of eggs and dairy. Super yummy.

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It’s Christmas Eve. The original plan was to have the Brightwell’s over for lunch/dinner and go to our church’s Christmas Eve service. However with the whole family on anti-biotics from sinus infections that plan had to be changed. Since it is Christmas Eve we wanted something special, however easy since none of us were really feeling up to a huge meal. That’s when visions of crepes came dancing in my head. But crepes with no egg, or wheat or milk for that matter…. I went searching the internet and came upon this recipe for a crepe. I was fresh out of potato starch, but corn starch and tapioca starch can pretty much be substituted for potato starch in most recipes. A few tweaks here and there and they were pretty yummy. We ate them too fast to take any pictures though, next time I’ll try to shoot some before we devour them.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brad got some Enjoy Life allergy free chocolate chips for his birthday, so naturally we were craving some chocolate chip cookies. I originally got the base recipe from a wonderful gluten free cooking blog. However some of the ingredients called for things Landon is allergic to. So after several trials here’s the perfected “perfect” allergy free chocolate chip cookie, provided you purchase dairy, soy, well everything free chocolate chips.

Take a look at these:

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Candy List

Allergy Free Candy

New and updated!!! We now have the following list sorted by allergy where you can easily select the allergies to exclude and you’ll get a list of safe candies. Find the new page here. Feel free to visit our allergy free store to purchase any candy you find and want to buy.

Ever wonder which candies you could eat with a certain allergy?
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